Digital Card Kya Hai In Hindi | डिजिटल कार्ड से क्या फायदा है

The card, better known as a digital card or digital card, does not have a physical presence and provides customers with a website similar to any other app.

In today’s time no person has time and those who have, they are pushing in the crowd to get the facilities. In view of these problems, all the facilities are gradually being launched on the digital platform so that more and more people can take advantage of some special facilities without any hassle.

One of these facilities is the ‘Digital Card Scheme’. Digital card also known as virtual card or cloud card which is operated by internet. Digital Card Kya Hai This card does not have any physical existence rather these cards are available only online and the customer can directly avail the facilities of these cards through any website or application.

These cards can be easily stored in the Smartphone. The digital card can be used for online payments like a debit or credit card, but cannot be used for offline purchases without NFC or application.

How is a digital card made?

Digital Card Kya Hai In Hindi |  What is the advantage of digital card

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For making any type of digital card, one has to apply online. A mobile number is required to make a digital health ID card. For Digital Card Kya Hai registration, you have to fill your mobile number, after which an OTP of 6 numbers will come in your message box. This OTP has to be entered in the OTP Box. After entering the OTP, the application form opens on your screen.

You can use physical cards through machines, whereas digital cards are used by you through an app installed on your smartphone and you can get its facilities sitting at home.

How do digital cards work?

In the digital age, the tradition of keeping all types of cards and documents on the digital platform is increasing because it is very convenient and beneficial for every person. Digital card is the card which you do not touch but you can see and use it in digital form and get its benefits. Any card can be saved digitally.

The digital card also provides the same facilities as the plastic card, but it can make the work easier and more convenient. The digital card also links the payment option to the merchant outlet where the transaction is being processed. The only difference between a plastic card and a digital card is that the plastic card is physical, its use is also tactile.

Following are the ways to use the digital card;-

  • Digital card information can be used to make purchases by entering the website or app.
  • Users can pay by scanning the QR code on their smartphone with the card saved in the app.
  • Using the NFC Protocol, hold your smartphone near the NFC Reader.
  • It can also be used via mobile bluetooth.

What are the benefits of a digital card?

There are some special benefits of getting a digital health ID card which are as follows;-

Digital Card Kya Hai In Hindi |  What is the advantage of digital card

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  • Through this ID card, patients will have easy access to verified and best doctors present across the country.
  • Patients do not need to wander here and there with their form and test report because all the information is present in their health id card.
  • If the beneficiary is admitted in a hospital, he can access his ID card during this time.
  • You can link any Personal Health Record to your Health ID, after which all the information related to your health is recorded forever. What is the digital card
  • Any citizen of the country can get a digital health ID card made for his child even before his birth.
  • The applicant also gets the facility that he can add a nominee to access the Health ID card. The advantage of adding a nominee is that it helps the nominee view and manage your personal health records.
  • You will be able to get the history of all diseases and their treatments with just one click.
  • If you go for treatment elsewhere, you will not need to carry the old prescription or report with you as all this information will be available in your Health ID card.

Registration will have to be done to get a digital card

If a person wants to make a digital health ID card, then for this he will have to register online through his mobile or laptop by visiting the official website Apart from this, he can also apply for this by downloading an app called ABDMHealthRecord on his mobile. To get this card, you have to enter some basic personal information and authenticate your Aadhar card and mobile number.

How to apply for digital card

If you want to apply for getting a Digital Health Id Card, then follow the process given below.

Digital Card Kya Hai In Hindi |  What is the advantage of digital card

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  • First of all go to the official website of NDHMC (National Digital Health Mission).
  • Now click on the option ‘Create Your Health ID’ on the home page.
  • Here you will see two options, if you want to generate ID through your Aadhar card, then enter your Aadhar number by clicking on ‘Generate via Adhar’ option. What is the digital card
  • After this you will receive a 6 digit OTP on your mobile number, enter it in the OTP box.
  • After doing this the form will open in front of you. You enter all the information asked for in it carefully and attach the necessary documents as well.
  • Finally click on the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Now your Health Id Card will be generated.

What is Digital Card Scheme 2022

The ‘Digital Card Scheme’ is a special type of scheme implemented recently which has been started for the citizens of India especially for the citizens of rural areas. The benefit of this ‘PMGDISHA 2022’ is to be given to those families in rural areas whose family member is not digitally literate and no family member has any computer related knowledge. A family consists of the head of the household, husband and wife, children and parents etc.

Under this mission, 21.9 crore Ayushman Bharat health account IDs have been created. 53,348 health facilities have been registered under the scheme. Apart from this, more than 1,11,667 health related citizens have been registered. More than 40 digital health services have been included in this scheme. This card will be health related in which all the medical data of the patient will be stored.

Digital Card Scheme Announcement

Digital Card Kya Hai In Hindi |  What is the advantage of digital card

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Recently, “Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission” has been started by Prime Minister Narendra Modi with the aim of providing health rights to the people. Under this mission, a digital health card will be provided to the needy citizens of the country, through which they will be able to get the benefit of some special facilities in any hospital in the country. Digital Card Kya Hai In this, the slip will be digitally saved on a server which will be verified through a unique number of the digital health card. It is being claimed that poor and middle class citizens will get a lot of relief from this scheme.

Now the patients undergoing treatment for diseases will not need to carry around the slips and test reports generated by the hospitals as all their data records will be digitally secured on a server which will be viewed by a unique number present in the card.

purpose of digital card

The main objective of starting this mission is to bring revolution or change and reform in the healthcare sector. Let me tell you that under this digital mission, a digital health card of the citizens of the country is to be made, in this card the record of all the data related to the health of the citizen will be present and safe.

This will be the online data of the patient’s medical history. Under this scheme, there is an effort to bring the health department completely on the digital platform. The main goal of this mission is to support and properly develop the integrated digital health infrastructure of the country.

The ‘Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission’ is expected to prove effective in providing direct benefits to the remote citizens.